314 Area Code Details

314 area code is located in the state/province of MO and has a total of 24 citie(s), 6 countie(s), and 115 zip code(s).

314 Area Code Cities

Weldon Springs (1)St Louis (1)
Spanish Lake (23)Sappington (33)
Saint Peters (1)Saint Louis Overland (1)
Saint Louis (1071)Saint Charles (4)
Saint Ann (21)Riverview (17)
Oakville (5)Mehlville (26)
Maryland Heights (17)Ladue (306)
Kirkwood (147)Hillsboro (1)
Hazelwood (6)Florissant (32)
Ferguson (68)East Saint Louis (2)
Creve Coeur (117)Chesterfield (7)
Bridgeton (40)Ballwin (2)

314 Area Code Rate Centers

Weldon Spr Webstrgrvs
St. Charle St Louis
Spanish Lk Sappington
Saint Pete Saint Loui
Riverview Overland
Oakville Mehlville
Maryland H Ladue
Kirkwood Hillsboro
Hazelwood Florissant
Ferguson Crevecoeur

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 314 Phone Numbers