316 Area Code Details

316 area code is located in the state/province of KS and has a total of 26 citie(s), 6 countie(s), and 72 zip code(s).

316 Area Code Cities

Wichita (672)Whitewater (12)
Valley Center (3)Towanda (4)
Sharon (6)Sedgwick (7)
Rose Hill (3)Newton (13)
Mulvane (5)Mount Hope (6)
Leon (4)Kechi (9)
Iola (1)Halstead (5)
Goddard (8)Gardencity (1)
Garden Plain (6)El Dorado (11)
Douglass (2)Dodge City (1)
Derby (5)Cheney (11)
Benton (7)Augusta (5)
Andover (9)Andale (5)

316 Area Code Rate Centers

Wichita Whitewater
Towanda Sharon
Newton Mount Hope
Leon Iola
Halstead Goddard
Gardencity Garden Pl
El Dorado Douglass
Dodge City Cheney
Benton Andale

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 316 Phone Numbers