408 Area Code Details

408 area code is located in the state/province of CA and has a total of 17 citie(s), 8 countie(s), and 15 zip code(s).

408 Area Code Cities

Sunnyvale (239)Saratoga (18)
Santa Clara (17)San Martin (21)
San Jose (1795)San Francisco (7)
Salinas (22)Oakland (1)
Mount Hamilton (1)Morgan Hill (16)
Milpitas (65)Los Gatos (48)
Hollister (2)Gilroy (12)
Fremont (32)Concord (6)
Campbell (100)

408 Area Code Rate Centers

Sunnyvale Sntc0148t
Snjs West Snjs South
Snjs North Saratoga
Sanantonio San Martin
San Jose: San Jose
San Franci Salinas
Morganhill Morgan Hil
Los Gatos Hollister
Gilroy Fremont
Concord Campbell

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 408 Phone Numbers