415 Area Code Details

415 area code is located in the state/province of CA and has a total of 14 citie(s), 4 countie(s), and 6 zip code(s).

415 Area Code Cities

Stinson Beach (11)Sausalito (16)
San Rafael (151)San Francisco (1986)
Point Reyes Station (11)Oakland (25)
Novato (37)Nicasio (9)
Mill Valley (19)Inverness (6)
Ignacio (15)Corte Madera (16)
Brisbane (88)Belvedere (6)

415 Area Code Rate Centers

Stnsn-Blns Snfc2143t
Snfc Mt-Ev Snfc Junpr
Snfc Cntrl Sausalito
San Rafael San Franci
Pointreyes Oakland
Novato Nicasio
Milwaukzn5 Millvalley
Inverness Ignacio
Cortemadra Belvedere

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 415 Phone Numbers