510 Area Code Details

510 area code is located in the state/province of CA and has a total of 18 citie(s), 6 countie(s), and 8 zip code(s).

510 Area Code Cities

Walnut Creek (7)Union City (52)
Sunnyvale (2)San Leandro (52)
San Jose (4)San Francisco (136)
Richmond (102)Pleasanton (3)
Oakland (843)Los Angeles (1)
Hercules (22)Hayward (249)
Fremont (273)El Sobrante (37)
Crockett (4)Berkeley (167)
Albany (61)Alameda (37)

510 Area Code Rate Centers

Walnut Cre Spokane
San Franci Richmond
Pleasanton Okld0349t
Okld Trnid Okld Mn-Pd
Okld Frtvl Okld Bkly
Okld Almd Oakland
Hrcul-Rode Hayward
Frnk Olivr Frnk Main
Frnk Grnlf Elsbr-Pinl

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 510 Phone Numbers