513 Area Code Details

513 area code is located in the state/province of OH and has a total of 35 citie(s), 7 countie(s), and 122 zip code(s).

513 Area Code Cities

Williamsburg (5)West Chester (27)
Waynesville (4)Trenton (14)
Springboro (1)South Lebanon (6)
Rossmoyne (1)Reily (8)
Oxford (14)Okeana (9)
New Richmond (3)Morrow (3)
Morning Sun (4)Monroe (3)
Milford (22)Middletown (46)
Mason (21)Loveland (19)
Lebanon (13)Harrison (11)
Hamlet (4)Hamilton (115)
Goshen (17)Glendale (10)
Franklin (3)Felicity (7)
Fayetteville (4)Evendale (8)
Dayton (2)Cleves (7)
Cincinnati (1259)Cherry Grove (6)
Butlerville (4)Bethel (5)
Batavia (5)

513 Area Code Rate Centers

Williamsbg Waynesvl
Trenton So Lebanon
Shandon Seven Mile
Rossmoyne Reily
Oxford Newtonsvl
Morrow Morningsun
Monroe Middletown
Mason Ltl Miami
Lebanon Harrison
Hamilton Franklin
Felicity Fayettevl
Evendale Clermont
Cincinnati Centervill
Butlervl Bethel
Bethany Bastrop

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 513 Phone Numbers