574 Area Code Details

574 area code is located in the state/province of IN and has a total of 60 citie(s), 15 countie(s), and 73 zip code(s).

574 Area Code Cities

Winamac (4)Warsaw (10)
Walton (1)Walkerton (3)
Wakarusa (3)Twelve Mile (1)
Tippecanoe (2)Syracuse (8)
Star City (2)South Bend (140)
Royal Center (3)Rochester (5)
Portage (1)Plymouth (17)
Pierceton (2)Osceola (9)
North Webster (3)North Liberty (4)
North Judson (3)New Paris (3)
New Carlisle (4)Nappanee (5)
Monticello (5)Monterey (2)
Mishawaka (7)Millersburg (3)
Milford (3)Middlebury (3)
Mentone (1)Mclean (1)
Macy (5)Logansport (14)
Leesburg (5)Lakeville (4)
Knox (5)Kewanna (3)
Indianapolis (2)Idaville (1)
Hamlet (2)Goshen (11)
Galveston (1)Francesville (2)
Flora (4)Etna Green (4)
Elkhart (60)Dunlap (3)
Delphi (2)Deer Creek (1)
Culver (1)Claypool (1)
Cincinnati (2)Chicago (1)
Camden (3)Burnettsville (3)
Burket (5)Bristol (3)
Bremen (5)Bourbon (7)
Argos (4)Akron (2)

574 Area Code Rate Centers

Yeoman Wyatt
Winamac Warsaw
Walton Walkerton
Wakarusa Twelvemile
Tippecanoe Syracuse
Star City South Bend
Royal Ctr Rochester
Portage Plymouth
Pierceton Osceola
No Webster No Liberty
No Judson Newcarlisl
New Paris Nappanee
Monticello Monterey
Millwood Millersbg
Milford Middlebury
Mentone Macy
Lucerne Logansport
Leesburg Lapaz
Knox Kewanna
Indiana Idaville
Hamlet Goshen
Galveston Fulton
Flora Elkhart
Dunlap Deer Creek
Culver Claypool
Cincinnati Chicago
Camden Burrows
Burnettsvl Burket
Buffalo Bristol
Bremen Bourbon
Atwood Argos

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 574 Phone Numbers