585 Area Code Details

585 area code is located in the state/province of NY and has a total of 79 citie(s), 13 countie(s), and 182 zip code(s).

585 Area Code Cities

Wyoming (2)Wellsville (11)
Webster (29)Wayland (5)
Waterport (4)Warsaw (6)
Victor (9)Varysburg (4)
Stanley (8)Springwater (4)
Spencerport (6)Shortsville (4)
Scottsville (4)Rushville (6)
Rushford (4)Rush (2)
Rochester (961)Portville (3)
Perry (6)Pembroke (4)
Pavilion (4)Olean (13)
Oakfield (3)Nunda (4)
North Chili (4)Naples (2)
Mount Morris (3)Middleport (1)
Medina (3)Lyndonville (3)
Livonia (7)Leicester (3)
Le Roy (5)Kendall (5)
Java Village (5)Honeoye Falls (11)
Honeoye (4)Holley (3)
Holcomb (6)Hilton (5)
Henrietta (16)Hemlock (5)
Hamlin (4)Geneseo (12)
Friendship (1)Franklinville (3)
Fillmore (6)Fairport (13)
Elba (2)East Aurora (8)
E Rochester (3)Darien Center (5)
Dansville (5)Dalton (3)
Cuba (3)Corfu (2)
Cohocton (2)Churchville (3)
Chaffee (2)Castile (6)
Canandaigua (7)Caledonia (6)
Byron (4)Buffalo (19)
Brockport (4)Bolivar (5)
Bliss (3)Bergen (2)
Belmont (2)Belfast (3)
Batavia (24)Avon (3)
Attica (5)Atlanta (4)
Arcade (3)Angelica (2)
Alden (4)Albion (4)
Akron (2)

585 Area Code Rate Centers

Xxxxxxxxxx Wyoming
Wellsville Webster
Wayland Waterport
Warsaw W Webster
Victor Varysburg
Stanley Springwtr
Spencerpt Shortsvl
Scottsvl Rushville
Rushford Rush
Rochester Perry
Pavilion Olean
Oakfield Nunda
Naples Mt Morris
Middleport Medina
Lyndonvl Livonia
Leicester Le Roy
Kendall Java
Honeoyefls Honeoye Fa
Honeoye Holley
Holcomb Hilton
Henrietta Hemlock
Hamlin Geneseo
Friendship Franklinvl
Fillmore Fairport
Erochester Elba
Eastaurora East Roche
E Pembroke Darien
Dansville Dalton
Cuba Corfu
Cohocton Churchvl
Chaffee Castile
Canandagua Caledonia
Byron Buffalo
Brockport Bolivar
Bliss Bergen
Belmont Belfast
Batavia Avon
Attica Atlanta
Arcade Angelica
Alden Albion

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 585 Phone Numbers