650 Area Code Details

650 area code is located in the state/province of CA and has a total of 26 citie(s), 6 countie(s), and 6 zip code(s).

650 Area Code Cities

Woodside (13)Sunnyvale (12)
Ssnfrncso (1)San Mateo (275)
San Jose (17)San Francisco (47)
San Carlos (95)San Bruno (164)
S San Fran (1)Redwood City (196)
Pescadero (12)Palo Alto (351)
Pacifica (14)Oakland (2)
Mt View (1)Mountain View (243)
Moss Beach (12)Millbrae (25)
Los Altos (32)La Honda (9)
Half Moon Bay (16)Fremont (9)
Colma (37)Burlingame (1)
Brisbane (19)Atlanta (1)

650 Area Code Rate Centers

Woodside Ssnfrncso
Ssnfrncsco Snfc2143t
Snfc Junpr Snfc Cntrl
Sncrl-Blmt San Mateo
San Franci Redwood Cy
Pescadero Palo Alto
Pacifica Oakland
Mt View Mountain V
Moss Beach Millbrae
Los Altos La Honda
Halfmoonby Burlingame

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 650 Phone Numbers