702 Area Code Details

702 area code is located in the state/province of NV and has a total of 20 citie(s), 11 countie(s), and 99 zip code(s).

702 Area Code Cities

Searchlight (8)San Francisco (1)
Reno (4)Pahrump (9)
Overton (17)North Las Vegas (16)
Mountain City (1)Mesquite (7)
Luning (1)Laughlin (13)
Las Vegas (2373)Lake Mead (1)
Jean (10)Henderson (221)
Denver (1)Charlotte (1)
Cedar City (1)Carson City (4)
Boulder City (9)Atlanta (2)

702 Area Code Rate Centers

Uppermuddy Spirit Mt
Searchliht Sandy Vly
San Franci Reno
Red Rock Overton
North Las North Fork
Nelson Mtcharletn
Mina Mesquite
Logandale Laughlin
Las Vegas Lake Mead
Jean Indian Spg
Glendale Denver
Coyote Spg Charlotte
Carson Cit Bluediamnd

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 702 Phone Numbers