734 Area Code Details

734 area code is located in the state/province of MI and has a total of 40 citie(s), 6 countie(s), and 97 zip code(s).

734 Area Code Cities

Ypsilanti (69)Wyandotte (56)
Willis (10)Whitmore Lake (9)
Westland (7)Wayne (110)
Trenton (38)Temperance (14)
Taylor (4)Southfield (12)
Saline (11)Romulus (28)
Rockwood (8)Pontiac (1)
Plymouth (74)Pittsfield Township (2)
Pinckney (8)Petersburg (4)
Ottawa Lake (1)Newport (4)
New Boston (16)Monroe (55)
Milan (8)Maybee (13)
Manchester (7)Livonia (169)
Lambertville (15)Ida (11)
Gregory (7)Flat Rock (29)
Erie (14)Dundee (8)
Dexter (14)Detroit (33)
Chelsea (17)Carleton (7)
Canton (10)Bloomfield Hills (1)
Belleville (13)Ann Arbor (296)

734 Area Code Rate Centers

Ypsilanti Xxxxxxxxxx
Wyandotte Willis
Whitmorelk Wayne
Trenton Temperance
Southfield Saline
Romulus Rockwood
Pontiac Plymouth
Pittsfield Pinckney
Petersburg Nosylvania
Newport New Boston
Monroe Milan
Maybee Manchester
Lostpnnsul Livonia
Lambertvl Ida
Gregory Flat Rock
Erie Dundee
Dexter Detroit
Chelsea Carleton
Belleville Ann Arbor

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 734 Phone Numbers