757 Area Code Details

757 area code is located in the state/province of VA and has a total of 38 citie(s), 21 countie(s), and 158 zip code(s).

757 Area Code Cities

Yorktown (4)Windsor (3)
Williamsburg (47)Whaleyville (3)
Wakefield (4)Virginia Beach (181)
Toano (6)Temperanceville (28)
Surry (6)Suffolk (21)
Spring Grove (3)Smithfield (17)
Richmond (1)Reston (1)
Portsmouth (98)Poquoson (8)
Parksley (6)Onancock (25)
Nrfolkzon2 (2)Norfolk (552)
Newport News (284)Newport (1)
Machipongo (7)Laurel (1)
Ivor (5)Holland (2)
Hampton (87)Great Bridge (1)
Franklin (18)Dendron (3)
Crittenden (3)Courtland (5)
Chuckatuck (5)Chincoteague Island (3)
Chesapeake (106)Cape Charles (8)
Boykins (5)Belle Haven (22)

757 Area Code Rate Centers

Windsor Williamsbg
Whaleyvl Wakefield
Toano Temperncvl
Tangier Surry
Suffolk Smithfield
Portsmouth Parksley
Onancock Nwptnwszn4
Nwptnwszn3 Nwptnwszn2
Nwptnwszn1 Nrfolkzon6
Nrfolkzon4 Nrfolkzon3
Nrfolkzon2 Nrfolkzon1
Norfolk Zo Norfolk
Newport Ivor
Holland Great Brid
Franklin Fort Laude
Eastville Dendron
Crittenden Courtland
Claremont Chuckatuck
Chincotegu Capecharls
Boykins Bellehaven

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 757 Phone Numbers