816 Area Code Details

816 area code is located in the state/province of MO and has a total of 78 citie(s), 20 countie(s), and 189 zip code(s).

816 Area Code Cities

Weston (4)Wellington (5)
Warrensburg (11)Union Star (3)
Trimble (4)Stewartsville (2)
St Joseph (79)Smithville (3)
Sedalia (5)Savannah (3)
Saint Joseph (2)Rushville (10)
Rothville (2)Rosendale (3)
Richmond (7)Rea (4)
Polo (4)Pleasant Hill (8)
Plattsburg (9)Platte City (6)
Peculiar (5)Parkville (44)
Orrick (4)Odessa (11)
Oak Grove (8)Moberly (1)
Maysville (5)Marshall (1)
Lone Jack (14)Liberty (18)
Lenexa (1)Lees Summit (34)
Lawson (9)Lathrop (5)
Lake Lotawana (6)Knob Noster (2)
Kirksville (1)Kingsville (5)
Kidder (3)Kearney (11)
Kansas City Willow (1)Kansas City Mcgee (1)
Kansas City (1069)Independence (26)
Holt (5)Holden (6)
Henrietta (6)Helena (3)
Harrisonville (15)Hamilton (3)
Greenwood (6)Grain Valley (7)
Gower (2)Gladstone (27)
Garden City (6)Freeman (8)
Fillmore (3)Ferrelview (14)
Excelsior Springs (3)Excelsior Est (5)
Edgerton (8)Easton (4)
Drexel (7)Dearborn (3)
Cosby (12)Cleveland (6)
Clarksdale (4)Cameron (7)
Camden Point (4)Buckner (13)
Boonville (2)Bolckow (3)
Blue Springs (27)Belton (17)
Archie (7)Amazonia (3)
Agency (6)Adrian (2)

816 Area Code Rate Centers

Whitesvl Weston
Wellington Union Star
Turney Trimble
Strasburg Stewartsvl
St Joseph Speedway
Smithville Sedalia
Savannah Sanantonio
Rushville Rosendale
Richmond Pleasanthl
Plattsburg Plattecity
Peculiar Parkville
Osborn Orrick
Odessa Oak Grove
Moberly Missouricy
Medford Maysville
Marshall Lonejack
Lklotawana Liberty
Leessummit Leavehlsng
Lawson Lathrop
Knob Noste Kirksville
Kingsville Kingston
Kidder Kearney
Kansascity Kansas Cit
Holt Holden
Henrietta Helena
Harrisonvl Hamilton
Greenwood Grain Vly
Gower Gardencity
Freeman Fillmore
Ferrelview Farley
Excelsrspg Edgerton
Easton East Lynne
E Atchison Drexel
Dearborn De Kalb
Cosby Cleveland
Clarksdale Chillicoth
Cameron Camden Pt
Buckner Boonville
Bolckow Blue Spg
Belton Avenuecity
Archie Amazonia
Agency Adrian

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 816 Phone Numbers