859 Area Code Details

859 area code is located in the state/province of KY and has a total of 46 citie(s), 27 countie(s), and 115 zip code(s).

859 Area Code Cities

Winchester (36)Wilmore (4)
Willisburg (5)Williamstown (11)
Warsaw (6)Walton (10)
Waco (3)Versailles (8)
Union (4)Stanford (1)
Springfield (10)Sparta (7)
Somerset (1)Sharpsburg (7)
Salvisa (3)Salt Lick (3)
Richmond (23)Perryville (4)
Paris (19)Paint Lick (7)
Nicholasville (10)Mount Sterling (15)
Midway (7)Maitland (1)
Mackville (2)Louisville (1)
Lexington (424)Lancaster (16)
Junction City (5)Independence (20)
Harrodsburg (16)Georgetown (1)
Florence (57)Falmouth (3)
Danville (21)Cynthiana (13)
Crittenden (2)Covington (180)
Cornishville (3)Cincinnati (5)
Carlisle (16)Butler (6)
Burlington (15)Berea (13)
Ashland (1)Alexandria (16)

859 Area Code Rate Centers

Winchester Wilmore
Willisburg Williamstn
Warsaw Walton
Waco Versailles
Stanford Springfld
Salvisa Richmond
Perryville Paris
Paint Lick Nomiddletn
Nicholasvl Mtsterling
Mooresvl Millerburg
Midway Mackville
Louisville Littlerock
Lexington Lancaster
Kirksville Junctioncy
Indepndnce Harrodsbg
Glencoe Ford
Falmouth Danville
Cynthiana Covington
Cornishvl Cincinnati
Carlisle Butler
Burlington Burgin
Bryantsvl Boone
Berea Alexandria

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