917 Area Code Details

917 area code is located in the state/province of NY and has a total of 13 citie(s), 8 countie(s), and 162 zip code(s).

917 Area Code Cities

Woodside (21)West Nyack (1)
Syracuse (1)Staten Island (7)
South Richmond Hill (61)Saint Albans (2)
Nwyrcyzn02 (1)New York (1148)
Manhattan (20)Flushing (2)
Brooklyn (182)Bronx (2)
Bayside (21)

917 Area Code Rate Centers

Nycz 1 Nwyrcyzn14
Nwyrcyzn12 Nwyrcyzn11
Nwyrcyzn10 Nwyrcyzn09
Nwyrcyzn08 Nwyrcyzn07
Nwyrcyzn06 Nwyrcyzn04
Nwyrcyzn03 Nwyrcyzn02
Nwyrcyzn01 New York
Dir Asst

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 917 Phone Numbers