925 Area Code Details

925 area code is located in the state/province of CA and has a total of 19 citie(s), 3 countie(s), and 60 zip code(s).

925 Area Code Cities

Walnut Creek (294)Sunol (10)
San Ramon (133)Pleasanton (138)
Pittsburg (24)Orinda (10)
Oakley (4)Oakland (25)
Moraga (12)Martinez (29)
Livermore (44)Lafayette (17)
Hayward (4)Fremont (7)
Danville (66)Concord (234)
Clayton (17)Brentwood (23)
Antioch (61)

925 Area Code Rate Centers

Walnut Crk Sunol
Stockbdg Psbg West
Pleasanton Pittsburg
Orinda Okld0349t
Oakland Moraga
Martinez Livermore
Lafayette Fremont
Econtrcost Dubln-Snrm
Danville Concord
Clayton Bshp Rnch

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 925 Phone Numbers