939 Area Code Details

939 area code is located in the state/province of PR and has a total of 15 citie(s), 14 countie(s), and 20 zip code(s).

939 Area Code Cities

Villalba (2)Trujillo Alto (2)
Santurce (30)San Juan (2)
Rincon (2)Orocovis (1)
Maunabo (1)Maricao (1)
Las Marias (1)Lajas (1)
Guaynabo (6)Florida (1)
Bayamon (5)Arroyo (1)
Adjuntas (1)

939 Area Code Rate Centers

Villalba Trujilloal
Santurce Rincon
Puebloviej Orocovis
Maunabo Maricao
Levittown Las Marias
Lajas Guayama
Florida Caguas
Bayamonsur Bayamonnor
Arroyo Adjuntas

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 939 Phone Numbers