979 Area Code Details

979 area code is located in the state/province of TX and has a total of 54 citie(s), 18 countie(s), and 112 zip code(s).

979 Area Code Cities

Wharton (27)West Point (8)
West Columbia (8)Weimar (4)
Wallis (8)Wadsworth (4)
Sweeny (9)Somerville (8)
Sealy (10)Schulenburg (10)
Round Top (2)New Ulm (2)
Needville (5)Muldoon (1)
Moulton (2)Louise (4)
Lexington (4)Lake Jackson (6)
La Grange (14)Houston (7)
Hitchcock (1)High Hill (4)
Hempstead (12)Hearne (12)
Guy (2)Giddings (11)
Garwood (9)Freeport (29)
Franklin (5)Fayetteville (9)
El Campo (18)East Bernard (3)
Eagle Lake (11)Dime Box (13)
Danbury (2)Damon (5)
Dallas (2)Columbus (16)
College Station (1)Clute (32)
Carmine (3)Calvert (4)
Caldwell (8)Burton (4)
Bryan (174)Brenham (30)
Brazoria (5)Borden (5)
Boling (9)Bleiblerville (4)
Bellville (8)Beasley (2)
Bay City (27)Angleton (14)

979 Area Code Rate Centers

Xxxxxxxxxx Wharton
Weimar Warrenton
Wallis W Columbia
Sweeny Somerville
Snooktunis Sealy
Schulenbg Plum
Northrup New Ulm
Needville Moravia
Matagorda Markham
Louise Lexington
La Grange Kurten
Industry Houston We
Houston Hostyn
Hitchcock- High Hill
Hempstead Hearne
Glen Flora Giddings
Garwood Freeport
Franklin Fayettevl
El Campo Eagle Lake
E Bernard Dime Box
Deanville Damon
Dallas Columbus
Cltlkjcksn Carmine
Calvert Caldwell
Burton Bryan
Brenham Brazoria
Brazorcchl Borden
Blngnwgulf Bellville
Beasley Bay City

List of Area Code and Exchange Combinations for 979 Phone Numbers